Machine Applications

Machine Applications

Leak Testing

Direct Automation has been providing precision leak testing equipment for over 17 years. We have designed and built machines to perform both low pressure and high pressure leak testing. Depending upon your specific needs, we can provide a single station bench mount fixture, an automatically loaded full duty machine or anything in-between.
Vision Inspection

We have provided unique vision inspection machines that include checking for missing components, improperly shaped piece parts, orientation, accurate assembly dimensions and print quality.


Direct Automation has provided fully automatic assembly systems, as well as semi-automatic and single station assembly equipment. We will take your automation project from initial conceptual design to a fully working machine. Our capabilities range from simple two-piece assemblies to complex multi-piece products. With over three decades of building experience, we are capable of manufacturing, fixturing, or prototyping for any project.


Direct Automation can integrate final packaging into your automation process, including box loading, bin loading, bag loading and tube loading. We also integrate end of line boxing stations that erect and load individual packages, easing the process of mass production.

Fluid Dispensing

Custom chemical mixing machine with five dispensing pumps, weight scale and attached flammable liquids cabinetWe can provide fluid dispensing with a wide variety of features that can be customized for your specific needs. Ranging from paints to lubricants, coolants to chemicals, there are few limitations on Direct Automation’s capabilities to manufacture a machine that fits your production process.